Squared and Cube numbers

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Here is the code in getting the squared and cube of a numbers.



int main()
int num1,num2, num[20];

printf("Enter Number to be input:");
while (num1
printf("\tEnter Number: ");




Plug-In Profit Site

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Today there are now so many kinds of businesses those talks about home and it reach now in the internet or shall we say in online. If you are looking for a website that related to this type of topic and then here is Plug-In Profit Site that can help you more about this matter. It does not mean that it talks only about Home Business but it also talks about some of the Home Business Ideas that people can help a lot from it. This website offer a variety of services that could made to enhance your ability in holding some businesses like these and this Plug-In Profit Site allow affiliate and network marketers to promote at least 6 different type or kinds of program in only one website. I can assure you that you will enjoy if you were going to choose this website. So what are you waiting for try to visit now their website for more information about this business. You can visit them by just simply clicking some of the given link in this article and additional they also offer support forum online which mean it is on the internet, you can send your questions on that forum.

Eight Below Movie

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I really appreciate this movie and even the dogs on the movie. I am so really surprise with the movie, because dog’s thinks like a human in the movie. They make a way on how can they live in the middle of the storm. Protect each other and help each other and in this kind of movie you can really see that dog’s are man’s best friend, because the main character in the story really make a way to go behind their dog’s even though they are to far from them. I can see also that those dog’s did not left each other, especially when one of their companion get wounded but still they did not leave it and instead the one dog find a way on how to told their friend man that there are still dog left in which it is wounded. This is so really interesting story and movie that people can really get so much lesson to it.

Band of the Tugbok National High School

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This is our drum & lyre corp. in our school at Tugbok National High School. We are only few because, did not made to join the picture taking during the month of March. Actually this photo is for the yearbook of ours but I told our coordinator that I want to get a piece of copy of the picture. Actually we have a lot of picture but I only got this one, because this is the only one that she gave me. As you notice I am here in the picture, and you are the one to locate me their. Jejejejejeje. We are so young their in the picture. Not like now, we are so naughty and do what we wanted to do ahmmm… not all but some. You know what my dear readers we are really enjoying when we are still in the high school. Every time that we are going to have our parade and practice and then we really love to play our instrument whether it is a drum, lyre, bugle, bass drum, baton, triple and even a cymbals. If God only give me a chance to go back to my past and then I am going to ask God this, to go back to my past time since I was young until my high school life.


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Two men were killed in a shooting spree in Batasan Hills, Quezon City, Friday night.

The Quezon City Police District named the fatalities as Rommel Malate and RJ Barboza.

Investigations showed that Barboza was standing in front of Malate's mini-store in Sitio San Gabriel, Barangay Batasan Hills around 8 p.m. when two gunmen on board a blue Toyota Revo fired at them.

The gunmen sped off after the shooting and evaded policemen who responded to the crime scene.

The police have yet to determine the motive for the killing.

Source: abs-cbnnews.com


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We are already done formatting those 3 laboratories here in school. We only have 1 laboratory left. We do hope that we can make to finish this tomorrow morning so that during tomorrow afternoon we are free to do what we wanted to do. Actually that laboratory is almost done but the image is not yet don, because my boss told me this very morning that the image for the asrock motherboard is not yet finish, because there is a virus left on it. So we decided to move on to the other laboratory and tomorrow we will going to back again to that laboratory and then we will going to continue what we have not yet done today.

The Power of Love - Download

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You can download here the Celine Dion Song "The Power of Love" to download it try to click the link below>>


Surigao del Norte grenade attack

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Nine people have been wounded in a grenade attack in Surigao del Norte province, the military said Saturday.

An unidentified person lobbed the grenade into a public area in the town of Claver late Friday, said regional Army spokesman Major Armand Rico.

The explosion caused panic and wounded nine people, he said, adding that the the suspect has not been caught and the motive for the attack is unknown.

The explosion came amid tightened security in the southern Philippines, where the military has been locked in intense gunbattles with Muslim separatist rebels since August.

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Nokia 7710

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This is a new style of Nokia Cellphone and its specifications are the following:

Form Factor Unique
Network GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
Dimensions 143mm x 128mm x 70mm
Weight 189g
Storage 90 MB
Expansion 128 MB MMC provided, support up to 512 MB
Side Keys
Platform Symbian Series 80
Battery type with 3 hours talk time and 216 hours standby time
Website Nokia 7710 Official Site

Source: google.com

Latest Apple iPod nano spy

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The latest spy shot of what is rumoured to be the new iPod nano has turned up on the web days ahead of the expected launch on 9 September.

The photo, which gadget sites are claiming is the most genuine yet, matches the description of the nano described by Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, some weeks ago.

According to AppleInsider; "The report claims that the new nano is wrapped entirely in aluminum, but that it will come in 'more vibrant' colors than the light-tinted models on sale today - one of which is the coppery orange that was used for the second-generation iPod shuffle".

Philippine banks mainly stable

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Philippine banks remain stable and largely immune from shock waves caused by the US credit crisis, economic managers said Thursday.

While the US and European governments moved to bail out troubled financial institutions, the Philippines remained basically unscathed, said central bank deputy governor Nestor Espenilla.

"In the US and Europe they are talking bailout primarily because the issues there have deteriorated into solvency questions," Espenilla told reporters.

"In the Philippines this is not the case because our banks have no solvency issues at this time," he said.

However, a number of Philippine banks do have some exposure to collapsed US investment bank Lehman Brothers.

Espenilla said the central bank remains committed to provide "liquidity loans" to the financial sector if needed.

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